Feb 1, 2020
HEISENB3RG (All reviews)
When I saw that In/Spectre was getting an anime adaptation, I knew that I needed to watch it. As a huge fan of Blast of Tempest (same author and creator) I was extremely excited to get to watch this anime. And boy am I glad that I am watching it and I hope that you will be too.

Story: 8/10
The premise of this show is quite entertaining and interesting, following Kotoko Iwanaga as she solves various supernatural problems with the help of Kurou Sakuragawa, while simultaneously and humorously pushing her affection onto him. It presents itself very well within the mystery genre. Unlike lots of other mystery anime, these mysteries and situations are not not so simple that even that snotty-nosed grade schooler next door can solve them. I like that. It actually makes you want to listen and notice every detail of the problem being solved, while admiring Kotoko’s intelligence and effort at solving these mysteries. Plus they are really intriguing and entertaining mysteries that tie in very well with the other story events.
The story itself is very dialogue and understanding heavy. If dialogue heavy anime are not your usual cup of tea, it's fully understandable. But the dialogue is In/Spectre's strength and boy is it ever good.

Characters: 9/10
This is where this anime shines brilliantly. The relationship between Kotoko and Kurou is a fantastic one. As a character herself, Kotoko is a very likeable and great protagonist. She is both outgoing and caring, but also a frank individual who does not shy away from letting her feelings be known (but in a good and humorous way). Kurou on the other hand, is a character that fits the mystery premise of the show perfectly, as he himself is completely shrouded in a dark and unknown mystery.
The relationship between Saki and Kotoko is great and quite funny so far. Not very many anime have an ex that is a main character, let alone a fantastic one at that. Saki is awesome and is a nice breath of air that complements Kotoko by being her exact opposite in personality, which works exceedingly well. As opposites, they complement each perfectly (a nice oxymoron if I may say so).
If there is one major reason to watch this anime, it is for the amazing set of characters.

Art: 6/10
The art is, quite honestly, nothing special but is not that bad by any means. It is average to slightly above average for what you would expect for today's day and age. Brain's Base, does a pretty decent job at maintaining the integrity of the character models from the manga, as there is a good resemblance. Where the art does good is it that is does a great job at setting the mystery tone of the anime and complements the darker tone of the show.

Sound: 8/10
The voice acting is solid. Each Voice actor fits there character well. Plus, having Miyano Mamoru as the voice actor for Kurou was a pleasant surprise to say the least. This just adds another layer of “great” to the voice acting in this series, as he is a fantastic Voice Actor.
The OP is quite unique (but very good), and grew on me over the last four episodes, and the ED is a really cool jazz solo done by Miyano Mamoru.

Overall: 8/10
In/Spectre is a nice addition to the mystery anime genre with a pair of protagonists that have a fun and interesting relationship that hopefully continues to be an advantage for the remainder of the show. I am thoroughly enjoying this anime, and I hope that you are too :)