Feb 1, 2020
Ilovebeanbag (All reviews)
You should watch this story as a seinen themed one. Because this anime doesn't have conventional main characters, and characters are actually three dimensional and their actions arise from very relatable reason.

My most loved element of the story is... Great character interactions... The people in the story actually have souls and behave in a way that's relatable. You will end up wanting more and more screen time of your favorite characters.

It also gets points for making the previous girl (Saki) actually very likable. She is a total sweetheart. Her reasons are genuine and anyone would react the way she acted. Typical stories would show ex-girlfriends as bad people. but I'm glad that this show isn't that way. BOTH girls are top tier Wifus.

This story, unlike many anime has an intriguing relationship between characters. Main focus of the anime is the girl and the guy is mystery in his own. Interactions between characters reveal additional information for story progression. And it's surprisingly good.

This story is very intriguing and subtle, and I recommend people to watch it. It has great music and good characters.

Will update as more episodes come out. đŸ˜‰

Story: 8
Music: 10
Art: 7
Entertainment: 9