May 29, 2007
icerydragon (All reviews)
As with all series that I watch, I try to at least watch the first two episodes, unless I really~ (and I mean REALLY~~) hated the first episode or is having trouble finding the next ones, and with this series, I completed it surprisingly. Why surprisingly?

My first impression of this series that it seemed like a series that was about classical music, the piano to be more precise, which to my knowledge the only other anime series that dealt with classical music were La Corda D\'Oro and Nodame Cantabile.

As I started to watch this series, from what I noticed, the piano, much of the time played the backdrop of the series and mainly revolved more around Miyu and the ones around her. To be honest, I have no idea why I completed this series as it was really boring and seemed more like a documentary of Miyu\'s life than an enjoyable show. Even as a documentary that it seemed to be, I\'ve SEEN better ones and that\'s sad as most documentaries bore me anyway (but I have seen awesome ones though. :P). O.o;

The only reason that I can even think up about why I finished this series would because I had really nothing better to watch at the time and I was too lazy to drop it. If I did have something better to watch, I would have most likely have dropped it.

As for the animation, character designs and such, it was alright. Unlike some other series that I\'ve seen, the colors for the animation weren\'t that vivid and seemed quite bland to me. As for character designs, they were kinda plain and with Miyu herself, her hair just seemed a little wierd... I know in anime/manga/video games, characters can have gravity-defying hair, but hers just looked funny.

Nothing special stuck out in the overall sense, even though the music aspect of it was what caught my attention in the first place (as I love classical music and very few series revolve around it). I think that this series had potential to be better than \'just average,\' maybe not extraordinarily good, but a series that I wouldn\'t forget about.

I have to say that I wasted how ever many hours it took of my life watching the whole series and is just one of those series that isn\'t a rememberable series that blends in, rather than sticking out from other series. Nothing too much more to say than it was quite the disappointment for me as I was hoping for more.