Jan 30, 2020
Buexta (All reviews)
TL;DR It's a trainwreck.

Contains minor spoilers from the first ~5 chapters

The story starts out like any Slasher film does: bunch of teens get stranded in the killer's territory and when they realize what's going on, it's already too late. Nothing original, but fine. Can work with that.
But from chapter 2 onwards it just gets more and more unbelievable.
From the very beginning our MC spots several nuclear waste barrels in the surrounding waters, but refuses to tell his friends. Even when they start to get hungry and catch some fish, he does not tell them that these fish are contaminated, but rather lets them eat the deformed creatures. One of the bunch gets an infected wound and maggots start to nibble on the necrosis, but again: no one says a thing!
Credibility right out the window, especially when there's the one clichéd crybaby in the group that just nitpicks each and everything.

The art is... inconsistent.
It starts out decent looking. Gorgeous backgrounds, characters are drawn decently and weapons look believable.
But further down, the limbs, especially hands and feet, start looking more and more strange. At times they don't even match the rest of the body, just look deformed, even though storywise they should be intact.
Characters in the background are just an eyesore.

I enjoyed a lot of media which his considered bad or varies in its quality throughout its cycle, but this is just atrocious.
The little enjoyment you could get from the gore is spoiled by unbreakable plot-armor. Got a stone thrown at you so it's stuck in your skull? No problemo, just remove and bandaid it and you're good to go...

So, would I recommend it? Hell, no.

Story - one big cliché
Art - mostly poor
Characters - unlikeable
Enjoyment - non-existent


Update after hitting chapter 55:

Skip this, honestly!
It gets worse with every page:
- nonsensical plot twists
- oh, dear lord plot-armor...
- characters actually get more and more flat
- at times, this looks like a grade schoolers first attempt at drawing a human body