Jan 28, 2020
saxe2 (All reviews)
Tanaka-kun is a manga that brings a smile to my face every time i read a character, because of the problems it usually show, they are not really a big deal and its about students living a day by day life which their only preoccupations are what i so about this thing or this other thing, nothing epic, nothing really serious going on like for example Sakuraso or things like that, just wholesome shit going on in almost every episode, to give an example of the amount of seriousness this has a character had a personality crisis because she couldn't be as lazy as Tanaka, or one that a character cannot seem to know what club to join, its normal students problems without a stress or a story going on that connects the plot or anything. What I'm trying to say its, a little fun thing to read that will make you smile and have zero stress becuase its not trying to teach you about life or anything like that.