Dec 15, 2010
DynamicDylan (All reviews)
Dokkoida?! is the story of a young man named Suzuo who is struggling to find a job. He gets turned down by every place of buisiness he goes to, until he meets a young girl named Kosuzu. She tells him that she works at a toy company, and if he tries on this power suit she'll pay him money. He thinks this is all just a game, and since she's offering money he needs, he doesn't refuse. Suddenly an old man in a robot appears and starts to destroy the city. The little girl tells Suzuo to put on the suit, and when he does this, he becomes the intergalactic superhero, Dokkoida. What's strange is that the heroes and the villains both work for the same company. And they end up living together in the same house.

If you couldn't tell, this series is a satire of comic book super heroes. You meet a lot of different heroes and villains in this series. This anime is mostly 12 episodes of complete hillarity and craziness.

The artstyle is very cartoony, which fits the series well considering it's about superheroes. The colors are very bright and bouncy which fits the mood of the series.

The opening is a very fun and bouncy song. I listened to it over and over again after watching this series. The voice acting is great as well. There are many great Vancouver voice actors in this series. Such as, Brad Swaile, Paul Dobson, Ted Cole, and Nicole Bouma. The quality of the sound was great as well, I could hear things clearly and understood everything that was said.

The characters in this series are great too. Even though this is a short series they get enough developement for you to care about them and enjoy your time with them.

I enjoyed this series a lot. There's good comedy, and despite some of it being sexual, it's still smart. The characters are fun. The songs are bouncy. And the voice acting is spot-on. I highly recommend Dokkoida?! to anyone looking for a fun comedy series.