Jan 25, 2020
Magister_Jakene (All reviews)
I binge watched the first season of Log Horizon (now to be called LH because the full name is a chore to type) over the summer, and I found it quite enjoyable. The action kept me on the edge of my seat, and the MMORPG elements of the show encapsulated me into the world. Every episode felt like another new adventure, another breath of fresh air. The second season, however, did a complete 180 for me. This review is based off of what I saw in the show, because as I explain in the next paragraph, I skipped a couple of episodes.

Story (2): When the season first began, it was pretty interesting. It started becoming boring about... the third episode. The raid Shiroe went on came to a standstill, so the story took a break from him and focused on minor issues in the Adventurer City. This wouldn't be a problem if Shiroe was revisited the next episode, and it was shown he figured out how to beat the raid, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The director seems to forget about him, and instead feeds us some incessant nonsense for a couple of episodes that NO ONE asked for. Some characters go through an existential crisis for like, 3 episodes. Seriously, the problems the characters go through are very simple, yet they last for many episodes. The Player Killer problem lasted about... give or take 5 episodes. The story became so boring and predictable, I found it a chore to watch LH2, so I took a break from it for a couple of months. I came back as confused as ever, so I read some MAL reviews on the story, found that many agreed it was insignificant and a dissapointment, so I skipped a... few episodes. By few, I mean I skipped to the last 2 episodes of the SEASON. To my chagrin, other than a couple of characters introduced, I missed out on absolutely NOTHING. If I had watched those 14 episodes I skipped, it would be nothing more than a waste of time, and time is one of the most valuable things a human has. I am greatly offended the director tried to waste mine.

Art (6): Nothing innovative, nothing amazing. Some character designs look very similar, but other than that, there is a nice variety in the adventurer races and such. The action scenes look average, but the way the HUD is shown when transitioning locations or viewing someone's stats brings a charming feel to the show.

Sound (7): I judge sound by enjoyment of the opening and ending themes. DATABASE by Man on a Mission, the same guys who did the Seven Deadly Sins' first opening, is an amazing song. I was, however, disappointed that they just recycled it from season one. To be fair, this is probably because the director thought, "It worked so well, why change it?" The ending, however, I find very boring. It's one of those types where once you hear it about to play in the last couple seconds of the last scene of the episode, you just immediately go to the next episode.

Character (8): Honestly can't judge this because I didn't watch enough of the show, but from what I did see, as much as I hated the tangents the characters went on and the filler episodes the director gave us, there was pretty nice character development going on. Not all of it is good though, like as I stated before, many characters battle with themselves internally for many episodes when their problems aren't that big of a deal.

Enjoyment (2): From what I saw, LH2 does not have much fighting in it. Most of it is politics and characters going on rants about some problem. When Shiroe goes on a rant, it is enjoyable because of his superhuman intellect. When other characters do it, they make it so boring to listen to. No one on the show acts nearly as smart as Shiroe, and he usually solves all their problems anyway. When he's not there, it's like giving a wrench to a four year old and saying, "Fix this car". Like, they just don't. They can't without Shiroe. When the director took Shiroe away from the Adventurer City, this is EXACTLY what happens. They can't deal with a problem by themselves without spending 3 episodes trying to figure out how to even start finding a solution. As for the politics side, the politics are very meh. Shiroe carries the City and the Roundtable Alliance by making all the big decisions, which I don't mind, since it advances the story, but the other characters are subsequently useless.

Overall score (4): If ya boy knew LH2 would be this bad, I would have never watched it, which is why I skipped most of it once I realized (and had been warned) how bad it was. At this rate, I won't even touch the third season, which was recently announced, to my chagrin. Unless some big directing changes happen to the show and it becomes as captivating as the first season, I will unfortunately not make the mistake of wasting time watching it. We shall see, though. Oh, and one last thing. Please, for the love of God, DO NOT MAKE DATABASE THE OPENING AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 24 EPISODES.