Jan 25, 2020
Abu_Onta (All reviews)
This is my first anime review, so i am sorry if my writings are bad or something.

I watch Accel World in 2013, so i am just gonna review things that i remember.

OK so Accel World sets on the same universe with Sword Art Online but in the future of the series where diving into a video game is already a common things. You will see a lot of references to Sword Art Online.

Now how about the Accel World it self???

Well the story i think is pretty fair, just like Sword Art Online if you have watch it. There is a lot of asspull and others Deus Ex Machina stuff, but the main character are not the typical handsome, edgy and harem protagonist that gets to win fights everytime and win every girls he met so it got different taste then Sword Art Online. The protagonist are getting bullied real life but he is pretty good in game. The early episodes are pretty good cause its shows the fun action, story and stuff but the lasts episodes are not enjoyable, it is feel to rushed, bland and unlogical.

The art is pretty good for the anime at that years, the design of the characters are pretty good also. I got no problem with the art.

The soundtrack used in the anime are good, its builds up tension of the fight and other moments in this anime. The openings song and ending song are good too.

The character here is only focused on the MC and the main heroine, Kuroyukihime which makes other characters forgettable. I dont really like the characters on this series including the MC and the main heroine as they doesnt have something unique to make me remember them.

Is this anime enjoyable?
To answer this, i got another question for you.
Are you a SAO fan? if yes then you might find this anime amusing as this adds up to the SAO series.
If not then i am sorry that this anime is not the one for you, but you might be enjoying some scenes in this anime and enjoy this anime
But still i bet this anime will not be on your favourites lists.

Overall i find this anime watchable as i survived on completing the whole series, it is not as good as SAO but i can enjoy some scenes.

I don't recommend this anime if you don't enjoy SAO.