Jan 25, 2020
kawaii123456 (All reviews)
"Death Death Humans die no matter what
No one can defeat death itself"

I agree with this pretty sure I died a couple of times while I was watching Corpse Princess. Comedy aside it just had dead slow pacing of the main arc. I can't even go into spoilers about the way it was so bad, because you just don't get them until the second season.

The first season just gives you an obviously screwed up situation with an enormous number of questions no answers and a whole lot of WTF ? Then it leaves it there. If you like stories that are entirely based on the idea that none of the characters can or actually say a word that's useful to anyone else in the story you may like this one.

I don't think I have a seen an anime with so many characters that managed to trigger hatred and have absolutely no logical motivation for anything they are doing.

Ouri is just worthless. The guy has a talking cat, a brother that keeps getting the crap beaten out of him and associates with the dead, and he's all well it's another day in Japan.

Makina. Well she is a shikabane so I guess the perpetual angry b***h thing she's got going is reasonable. That still doesn't explain why she keeps spouting irrelevant bits of philosophy at inappropriate moments.

Keisei. Worst big brother ever, unless you really love figurines and pinup magazines. If you do he isn't quite as bad but still pretty awful. The crap he does is on the level of not letting a relative know they are a carrier for genetic diseases and actively have allergies that will kill them.

Kouro Neko. Well he's a cat he gets a pass. He is also obviously up to something.

Shishidou. The high point. Given that the guys he betrayed are such crap he actually isn't all that unlikeable and does seem to have legitimate goals.

The saving grace of Corpse Princess is the presentation. The music is good, the voice acting is good, the art is a bit better than good and the animation is better than good. Not surprising seeing as it's Square Enix.

TL:DR Get a soundtrack album turn off the dialog and watch this for the animation and fight scenes if you have nothing else better to do.