Jan 25, 2020
hollow_universe (All reviews)
Men falling in love with creatures that are beautiful on a surface level but hide horrifically violent tendencies below their human flesh. That is essentially the core theme that runs throughout Kemonozume and it makes for a damn good time. A lustful romance suddenly sparks between a clan leader and a half woman and half monster being. Captivated by what the man believes is love, he abandons his once dearly held responsibility of destroying exactly the type of creatures that he now finds himself protecting.

While the love-drunk runaways leave destruction and calamity in their path, there are more threads taking place, sometimes with entire episodes dedicated to them, including family history, business events, side-character stories, as well as other extraneous events mixed in. The amalgamation of these jumbled events meld together in such a fun fashion and sprinkle in interesting insights that assist in fleshing out the world and pieces of the plot. But that isn’t all that is great, one of the most obviously outstanding aspects of the show is its visual aesthetic. This ranges from the sketchy and rough outlines of the characters to the juxtaposition of the illustrated art mixed in together with real-world photography. Similarly, the animation itself is so bombastic during battles and overall has lively creativity quality imbued within it.

As scenes fluctuate between combat, emotionally-filled dialogue, and suspenseful moments, which are almost all accompanied by spot-on eccentric music, the visual/auditory experience draws you in and doesn’t let you know what to expect next with creative storytelling and unique pacing techniques such as suddenly cutting scenes, breaking the fourth wall a bit, and by letting high tension scenes initially fizzle out. Over the years, I’ve run across the title a number of times online and passed it up, despite the key artwork appealing to my personal taste. But please don’t make this mistake, just watch it. If nothing else seeing the animation in motion is incredible, the world and characters are so stylized. Plus, the plot, as long as you suspend just a drop of disbelief, is such as good time as you are taken on an action-packed romantic journey where chaos ensues in style without a care in the world.