Jan 25, 2020
CocoCozi (All reviews), what an incredible experience. Now I get why it won 9 awards in the 2020 Crunchyroll awards haha I sure hope no one misses this gem.

An unlikely pair brought together by their love for music, the journey they share to fame, and the discoveries of what is truly important in life, as well as helping many other artist along the way come to the same realizations. By fusing heart and soul into music, instead of having some AI make it, is what makes Carole and Tuesday special, and what will create a miracle...everyone will remember.

The music, animation, soul, characters, theme, etc. makes Carole and Tuesday a magical anime I really hope no one misses out on. If the premise of the anime is AT ALL interesting to you I hope you dedicate some time to invest into watching, I am positive you won't find it a waste of time in the end!
Overall: 10/10