Jan 24, 2020
Disfemisef (All reviews)
This anime follows Shinra Kusakabe as he investigates the mystery behind his mother and brother's death in a fire. He joins the Fire Force and then tries to help the force, improve as a fighter and also get to the bottom of his family tragedy. The anime started slowly and I thought I'd grow bored with it, but it comes from the same mind that gave me Soul Eater and because of that it deserved some patience and I must say, I wasn't disappointed.

The world of New Tokyo is interesting and layered and the 8 Fire Force companies each have distinct personalities that are fun to watch. The author's preference for religious themes is fascinating and it makes me believe there's a little more going on there, but that's just a personal observation. So, let's talk characters. Fire Force has a couple of really fun characters, most battle anime do, it's what they do so well. Fire Force is no exemption and while many of them aren't fleshed out (boo!), they are extremely likable (yay!). Shinra and the rest of the 8th company were fun people to know even though we barely got backstories. And then the larger cast (companies 1, 5, and 7) were also a delight to watch.

The interpretation of powers was another really high point of the anime. The way fire was presented as the base ability was unique and refreshing and seeing all the uses that fire could be put to is something I haven't seen many anime do (I think Black Clover does a great job of this)

The animation was incredible with Studio David showing off their mad skills. I liked the story and I look forward to future seasons.

The only few problems I had were with the pacing at the start and the lack of clarity on some of the characters. But these are things you would probably get past pretty quickly and enjoy the show. Fire Force is highly recommended especially if you're a Shonen fan