Jan 23, 2020
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
I like boxing now!

I never really was a fan of boxing but I still knew some famous boxer such as Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali and Robert Helenius (Very strong heavyweight Finnish Boxer with 29 wins and 3 losses) so I was really going in blind into this show. Well, mostly due to me seeing the fight between Kamogawa and Anderson. But all I can say it was worth the watch. If you have not seen this show and you are into fighting or boxing then this is the show for you. This show was a blast to watch and offers feels, epic action, good characters, good story and much much more. I watched this show in about 18 days.

Story: We start our story with Makunouchi Ippo our mc helping her mom with work. After school he gets in trouble with some bullies and proceeds to take a beating. Our hero Takamura comes into rescue and scares the bullies, so Ippo wants to start boxing. It isn't so easy since he has to do a hard task beforehand. Very shortly we see Ippo already developing. After Ippo joins the gym he gets trained by Kamogawa, Aoki, Kimura and Takamura. Under their tutoring Ippo transforms into the ideal Boxer, even though he still has flaws. His first victory was against Miyata who is rumored child prodigy. So after ippo having enough age he gets his boxing licence. We get a rookie tournament with a lot of hype moments and fights. Also a lot of good rivals for Ippo such as Volg, Mashiba and Sendo. More on them later. After Ippo becoming a rookie of the year he wants to become the featherweight champion but that is a hard task. We see more epic training and epic fights while Ippo is getting closer to his goal.

Characters: Makunouchi Ippo is a wimpy kid at the beginning since he is afraid to punch people and he never has punched anyone even though he is fully capable of doing so and his strength is beyond human. Even when becoming a professional boxer he still acts very nervous around other fighters and is very nice person overall. Mamoru Takamura is Ippos inspiration to become a boxer. He is the middleweight champion and strives to become the world champion but it will probably happen in the later seasons. He is very strong as expected. His personality is very prideful and he acts very mean towards his fellow boxers such as Kimura, Ippo and Aoki but I think in a more of a playful way. Kimura is one of Ippos tutors and he is Aokis best friend... I think. He is very helpful person. He still acts kinda mean towards his friends like every character besides Ippo, but again in a playful way. He is probably weaker than Ippo at this point in time. Aoki is again a tutor and a friend of Ippos. He fights very weirdly since he is very unpredictable. He is a part-timer at a ramen shop since boxing is expensive. He also has terrible taste in women. He is a very funny character and probably is the comic relief character. Kamogawa is an ex boxer and the owner of the boxing gym Ippo goes to. He knows how to teach and is very active in Ippos training. Volg is a russian boxer titled "the wolf" which is very fitting. He prioritizes strength before anything else. He mostly overpowers his enemies and he is dangerous. Mashiba is Ippos second rival after beating him during the rookie champion finals. Mashiba looks very scary and intimidating. He specializes in flicker jab and the hitman style. He hates Ippo with all his heart. Also he is the older brother of Kumi which is Ippos crush. Sendo has a very prideful personality and was born very strong. He wanted to fight Ippo a lot and he got his wish. The last fight of the season was Sendo vs Ippo rematch which was epic as hell. Sendo can adapt into situations very well and he outspirits almost all fighters. His dream is to crush Ippo.

The Soundtrack of this show is beyond nice. There are a lot of good parts of the ost and they all fit very nicely into the show. The openings were cool visually and musically. They all had cool visuals and banger songs. Still the first opening is my favourite and we do hear the first opening play in the background in some fights.

I never believed I would enjoy boxing this much but I do. This has been an adventure of cool fights and such. If you enjoy action and have few days to spare I recommend to watch this show.