Jan 23, 2020
o0SeLin0o (All reviews)
I am a bit salty about this series but that's my fault as I had expectations in some areas; for TL;DR just jump to last part of my review.

I became aware of this series after I watched the drama version, and as I'd enjoyed the drama immensely, once I learned about the anime I got curious. The thing is, original story (novel/drama) takes place in an Ancient Chinese Fantasy world filled with Taoism sects, and I can say that one does need to know about the setting to make sense of what is going on in this first season as explanations are about some specific topics/techniques and not the world itself. And even then, I can't say I got the feeling that I was watching this particular fantasy genre (xianxia).

Everything was so all over the place, and problem was, most likely, limited time and episode count; we did not see characters being characters they were supposed to be; almost no thought process or whatsoever to observe, main cast's interaction with each other was very limited and it just generally failed to make me feel anything about the characters; we, as the audience, were supposed to just understand all their personality traits and their relationships from tiny bits of information splattered around, and that is just impossible if you don't actually know the characters.

This series does have some worldbuilding but they just couldn't show anything of worth in the anime. Honestly, I can go on and on but well. I will probably end up angering myself, so, the point;

This series can be watched to spend your free time, OP and ED are so-so, voice acting is not bad (even if I think main female's voice could be less... 'classic'), animation is nice; don't expect well developed story/characters/world and just... try to enjoy, I guess.