Jan 23, 2020
OffColfax (All reviews)
This was something I had grabbed because I wanted to watch another mecha show. (And it was recommended from the Bokurano page, so yet another downvote for MAL recommendation givers.) I really should have grabbed almost anything else.

The characters are about as unlikable as possible, and the stilted and awkward dialog does nothing to help with that. I was actively rooting for the big bad to kill all of the kids off, but only after the grownups had been piled up and burned alive so at least some of the screaming would actually have a purpose behind it. The plot is inane technobabble stirred into misunderstandings and flavored with characters repeating things already mentioned over and over again.

And the art and animation was just... Ugh. I understand that things will be poorly lit when a major part of the action takes place inside an area called the Lightless Realm, but a predominantly black color scheme doesn't help at all when you are trying to see what is going on with the action. The character design is generic and bland, the animation has more issues than the New York Post, and the CGI is about as believable as the anime as a whole. Which is to say not at all.

This is not an enjoyable anime. Period. It failed at any aspect of storytelling, fight choreography, and giving a reason to care about the characters. For a psychological mecha drama with major action pieces, that is a death blow. I would recommend that this be placed on the pile of titles that should be forgotten about. Not the pile of titles to be avoided at all costs, as that only encourages masochists like me to pick it up, but just forgotten about. Hopefully that will keep people from ever finding it again.

Recommendation level: Not even worth a hatewatch.