Jan 21, 2020
SwedishPorkchop (All reviews)
The story is quite interesting, all is cover by a mysterious veil, especially the past of the main character (which is how it should be, read the synopsis, but let's continue), the system he uses to invade a person’s identity is the guarantor to make each case original and don't let the story get repetitive. But, for me, he solves the cases a little too quickly, and in some of them you would be able to solve them with a little bit of logic, but in others he finds clues that are a little "surreal", but this is not a big problem.

Character design.. i don't know how to describe their face, angular? Sharp? Seriously, if you keep an eye on that, you'll notice it, but it's not so obviously to result annoyng, same for the use of CGI (for cars for exampe, but it's used rarely): not that bad, I've seen worse, and 100% you can get over it.

Art is easy, not bad, not good, just easy.This section is mostly subjective, don't blame me here, everyone has their tastes.

Sound: I think the intro is a little bit too happy considered the mysterious veil created by the story, but it's pretty good, same for the video of it, has that "touch" of futurism taken from the design of the writing of this anime's name (it's a little bit aesthetic too, but it's my opinion).
The outro GOES HARD and i'm not joking, take your sit and enjoy your erection from hearing this masterpiece.

In the end it is an enjoyable anime that I would recommend to everyone to give him a chance at least once, if you really don't like the genre.
It doesn't make you tired and it is not repetitive, although obviously there is the usual plot of every detective anime: "I solve many small cases while I have a bigger one behind me", but that's fine