Jan 21, 2020
moe_sama (All reviews)
I wanted to find the worst anime on MAL so I started searching.
That search led me to Skelter Heaven, and I could not be more satisfied.

Skelter Heaven is not conventionally "good" by any means. It's bad. Plain and simple. This is an example of an anime that is so bad that it's good. It is one of the funniest things I have actually seen in the medium and managed to make me laugh out loud where comedies have failed.

The story is disjointed between flashbacks and the present.
There's a CG squid monster the crudely drawn anime girls are fighting in their CG mechas. The story has everything you could possibly want in a hilariously bad anime: little direction, audio cutting in and out, music being cut by a jump to the next scene, static characters and lip flaps that don't match, poorly written dialogue, and forced romance.

Skelter Heaven has it all.

I literally could not contain my laughter when I was being shown a "character building" flashback scene only to jumpcut back to a character screaming for their life. It was absolutely brilliant. I am in tears from the laughter as I write this.

I cannot possibly rate this as low as I should simply because it excels as unintentional comedic gold.