Jan 19, 2020
FlowersInTheRain (All reviews)
Dr. Stone is really overrated. This is an average show at best.

Story - 5
It just doesn't go anywhere! It had a really promising start.But it quickly lost steam. 24 episodes of what felt like mostly filler.

Art - 6
The art style is a bit weird and at the same time pretty simple looking. There isn't alot of detail in the characters in the way that they are drawn. The colours are bright and vibrant though and this is probably the main thing that kept me from dropping the show.

Sound - 5
I'm probably in the minority here but I disliked all of the music in this show. The sound effects were alright though.

Character - 5
They all felt forced. None of the characters felt natural at all. And it also felt like none of the characters really had anything to say. I did appreciate the bits of scientific trivia but that was it really.

Enjoyment - 4
Its a great show to have on in the background when you are doing other things like chores around the house or if you want to chillout and have some snacks. You won't miss much if you look away from the screen every now and then.

Overall - 5
The show could have been done alot better. Its all just a big nothing. It doesn't really go anywhere. After 24 episodes things have barely progressed. It should have been condensed into just 12 or 13 episodes.
I won't be watching Season 2 if it is going to be as slow as this first series was.

Not a great anime to be honest, but it is one that you can watch comfortably around anyone since there is barely any fan-service.