Jan 18, 2020
wormdaddy (All reviews)
Oh god.
This manga really subverted my expectations in the absolute worst way possible.

I read this (or more accurately, tried to read this) because my friend, who usually has pretty good taste, said they liked it a while back and i wanted to give it a shot. So that might be part of the reason for my disappointment, while also being part of the reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1, cuz id feel bad givin a 1 to smth my friend liked

now that all that bullshits outta tha way we get to the Juicy Stuff. and by juicy i mean pussy juice and toilet water because the author decided having the main characters backstory be entirely the worst things possible was a good idea. and to be fair to him, it can be, if all of this stuff is actually explored more in the main character's development, which is what i was expecting. instead the protag just became the same fucking blank slate female protag as we've seen 1000 fucking times before. what was the point of ANY of the bullshit if it was just gonna be swept under the rug after chapter one. and if that wasn't enough, this supposedly hundreds-o'-times rape victim and presumably years-long torture victim, after being constantly dragged into places she didnt want to be by people she didnt want to be with, to be raped and tortured, she, in some miraculous feat of the author's superior intellect, decides to help kidnap a girl without feeling any remorse. i- what. how. i dont. wh

so anyways i dont fucking understand how this bitch yadongburifknf (i dont even remember her name even though it was said 200^50 times) who has supposedly been chasing down magical girls for a long time and was smart enough to create an entire torture machine, who could figure out MC's stick's ability after seeing it used like 3 times, could not think of "lets find a healing stick"

i went into this hoping for a story about the MC's psychological journey through being relentlessly shitted on for years and then being forced into a kill or be killed situation, and instead i got a bucket full o' shock value, disappointment, flat characters, butchered potential, and the most disgusting face anatomy ive ever seen even surpassing kouji mori's neanderthals.

it might be my fault. i might be missing some subtle thing. maybe it gets really good and psychological right after i left off. but thatd almost be worse. if the psychological effects and trauma of constant rape and bullying were just ignored for a while and then suddenly started affecting ass onigiri, then itd just be like they only matter when its convenient. which is just sending the opposite message than things like that should. or maybe it goes further into the direction its already going and it goes so far that it turns into something amazing. but theres no fucking way in hell im ever finding out