Jan 17, 2020
DrTelstra (All reviews)
"Wah, art is bad, not enough Saitama, WAH"

To begin lets examine a little thing called "Story Progression" since many of youse don't understand how it works. *FYI this does include spoilers*. I've heard a great deal of people saying that Saitama doesn't act like he does in season 1. Well, theres a clean cut explaination... his character has obviously gone through a "Character Development". After defeating Boros in season 1, his attitude towards being a hero was destined to change and everyone can't seem to handle that because they are under the effect of tunnel vision. They keep comparing instead of looking at the season for its merits.

The animation does leave something to be desired, however in saying that it can objectively be said that the animation improved as the studio began to receive the critism. Comparing Saitamas "Side step" attack from EP 2 to Genos's Battle with Garou in Ep 11, its clear the art style improved and in some circumstances even held its own against the original art team.

The sound effects used were pretty standard. However they had used many stock sound effects and you can even hear them using some CSGO stock sound effects for some fight scenes. The OST was pretty much the same as season 1, The new Op was ok for the most part. The beginning of the Op hypes the audience but ultimately falls short as it changes its tempo straight after.

Garou is an amazing Villian and his development throughout the show is great to watch, his interactions with the child greatly reflected what his motives were and as the audience we end up getting attached to his character. Saitama is the same Saitama however as said before, he under went some character development which had him focus more on being a hero rather than being chill out and being a "hero for fun". Genos is good.

To say this show wasn't entertaining would be lie. It was pretty fun to watch and it even made me laugh in some areas. (which is surprising considering most if not all anime aren't funny, even with the comedy tag). The fight scenes were filled with colours and in some parts the animation made the fights fill fluid. which made it very enjoyable to watch

Overall, the show deserves nothing less than a 6, however I will be giving it a 7 because even though it wasn't the perfect sequel. At least it wasn't objectively bad like "Seven Deadly Sin: Season 3".