Jan 17, 2020
theRealGuyFieri (All reviews)
Liz to Aoi Tori, or Liz and the Blue Bird, the borderline yuri side story from the fantastic series Hibike! Euphonium.

Taking that you watched the main series, you should probably know the gist of it between the super anti-social Mizore and sociable but heartless Nozomi. I am glad that there was a side story for this manner alone as I definitely wouldn't like this plot to interfere with the main storyline. To be frank, I am not very fond of this plot between these two characters. I have always felt that the matters between them are always slightly overdramatic and kinda underwhelming. So to round up and explain my points to those who know and don't, so the story is about two distinctively different people managing to become friends and experiencing the flaws in their relationship. Mizore is lonely, unsociable and somewhat a misfit in the school. Despite her friends actively approaching her and socializing with her, she always turns and clings on to her old school friend, Nozomi, the most. Now on the view of Nozomi, she is a sociable and outgoing person but holds very little to the words she says. She is often bright and cheerful to others around but is always cold and blur when it comes to Mizore. So with that, you can already see the problems arising. This is something that I don't find quite enjoyable, Mizore's constant rejection from Nozomi always makes her the victim to be pitied. This can make someone wonder, how did these two seemingly incompatible people manage to be friends. Mizore's super tight sociability skills and Nozomi ultra bluntness just made me worried about how the show is going to pull this off. Aftermath, I did but it wasn't as grand as I was hoping for. I just wished Nozomi wasn't too blunt all the time and keep brushing off Mizore as I feel that is very annoying to see. Plus the build-up of emotions between the two just seemed too overdramatic that I feel in real life, it would be equivalent to a gay student confessing her love for another girl. Honestly, if they are that close to making it yuri, I'll say go for it, it would definitely be better than teasing the audience with super emotional scenes and not get the expected outcome the audience wants. I included. There is development in characters, but I feel that the show was slightly too long. I definitely could have been shorter or maybe a more interesting way to present their problems. But in the end, it wasn't too bad, the pacing is on the slower side and I'll say they did a fine job on it.


Character- 6/10: Really, really, not too fond of these two. But the way they represented them as the story was quite interesting, not mindblowing, however. I hope upcoming shows of this series would be them being more open and more friendly towards each other, cause it will be a drag to seem them still having issues. I know that this side story is about Mizore and Nozomi, but I just feel that the supporting characters could have played a bigger part or at least contributed more.

Art- 9/10: Woah, did our world of Hibike! Euphonium suddenly merged with A Silent Voice? If I am not wrong, the art style is the same. I must say that it was certainly a bit offputting to see our characters from the series getting a Silent Voice twist on it, but all is said, it is still very beautiful. I just wished their necks weren't as long and their body has more volume to it than it always being elongated. With that, great job from Kyoto Animation.

Writing- 7/10: Wasn't crazy about it but it was decent. From the get-go, you should already know they managed to solve things out but I was just interested in how they are going to do it. The plot of the two with relations to the story of Liz and the Blue Bird was fairly well executed. However, I was slightly underwhelmed as I was expecting more. I am just glad the gist is over for these two as I really don't want to see more.

Sound- 9/10: LIKE A BREEZE. The oboe solo was an amazing experience, I'll say even better than the trumpet from Reina. Sorry Reina.

Overall, it was a fine journey, just wouldn't say it was as good as the Hibike! Euphonium experience. But still a good watch.

Decent 7