Dec 12, 2010
RachMadness (All reviews)
[[ This is my first review so please go a little easy on me k? Oh and also this review is based on the first 8 chapters... ^^]]

"The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor" a.k.a "Hotel Williams Child Bird" it's name stroke a little curiosity in me to start reading it... The story revolves around three characters and their lives in Hotel Williams Child Bird. The three of them carry that little of darkness within their hearts.

Starting with Kizuna Etoh quite the hot-tampered and determinate, 16 year old girl. She's somewhat smart and has some common sense in her. along with her friends, she walked the streets aiming for middle aged men wallets. But rather sick of the life she was leading and so she starts working for a rather sloppy but prideful artist, Yusei Asai. He seems to be the darkest character up until now, unable to let go of the past he warps himself in the wounds and pains that the past gave him, afraid that if he lets them go he'd be unable to paint. And for last we have the weirdest character(?) Yuki Inoue, a good looking woman (... or should I say man), who's also Yusei's cousin and the one who offered Etoh the job as sensei's model. Not much is known about him, what I know for sure is that he seems to care a lot for his cousin and that he loves to dress up as a woman. Well basically they share some mystery in them.

I found the plot to be rather intriguing and interesting. What makes it so? The pace of the story has its own flow, it gives you enough information for you to understand, it doesn't bombard you with too much information and lose the flow. Like a puzzle it gives enough pieces to be able and understand the picture but not completely. The art matches the story perfectly, what really stroke the first interests in this manga was the art, Takarai Rihito, did a great work on the art.

And now to conclude, so far, I'm enjoying reading this manga. I'm curious to see how will things change, I have some high hopes for this manga. I suggest you'd give it a shot...