Jan 15, 2020
OnePieceSUCKS (All reviews)
Spoilers I Guess
i just wanted to add somethings that other reviewers didn't talk about.

This is not a good movie what so ever. It steals elements from other movies and shows. It tired to do the whole it's more than just a romance anime it's really about a boy opening himself up to the world but it failed to tell that story. The MC doesn't explore other relationship outside the popular pretty girl. Wait, he did accept gum from some guy who is in his class I guess that counts right?

Let's talk about the dark undertone of main girl character(Sakura). This is far from a romance, she just toys with him through out the movie. Sakura only start paying attention and teasing Haruki because she knows he is weak and won't try anything. Sakura even told him she was only using him for possible sex without love being involve. I was glad Haruki tired to call her bluff when he was in her room but he got easily put in the friend zone afterwards. I felt sad because his mother thought he had a girlfriend and not a loser.

Her death was dumb i laugh when i heard how she died. It was so random. I wonder if it was from another guy she was teasing.