Jan 15, 2020
kawaii123456 (All reviews)
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There's a reason for that trend. Ever since the middle of DAL the quality of the storytelling has been going down hill. Now even the art is going down hill. They aren't even bothering to do half hearted attempts at doing the details.

The music while manipulative which had been holding up well with some real nice orchestral pieces that were well selected to go with particular scenes have been replaced with more generic pieces.

Voice acting which had been a real high point is now suffering not so much with the main characters. But the secondary characters and different versions of the main characters are just jarringly badly done. If an actor can't do a childish voice, don't use them to play a child. The dissonance is like chalk on a blackboard.

The writing has gotten even lazier. There's now seven potential deus ex machina in Shidou's harem. It's a situation that can be hard to handle for any writer and it isn't handled well here. In the last season you had their powers pretty much available or unavailable at whim, whatever the author thinks makes the poignant scene all without consideration of anything that's been established. Good example, when the series was in comedy parody mode in the first season, we get the gag of 14 year old Kotori being the commander of the forces dealing with the spirits. Next season she is vowing "That she will kill her beloved big brother if needed over his ability to summon an angel", this is ignoring the fact that she is capable of manifesting an angel and does so. Tanya the evil pulls this off, when DAL stopped going for comedy, their ability to sustain this stopped as well.

The lazyness extends to the characters. They are just as smart or stupid as they need to be at any given moment with no regard to what they may or not have done in the past 5 minutes. The suddenly remember they have abilities, they fail to notice things that are both blindingly obvious and in positions impossible to ignore. There is one example that is so blindingly stupid it will have you asking "WHY IN THE HELL HASN"T HE DONE THIS ALL THE WHILE UP TO NOW ??" and then you may want to punch your TV

In short. If you liked the first season of DAL, everything you liked in it is gone.
The clever comedy
The exploding of tropes.
The fun characters.
With the exception of Kurumi who may well be best girl now

They have all become annoying and boring.