Jan 15, 2020
drunklee (All reviews)
(Might contain mild spoilers) Most certain 10/10 I can think of. Also, this review kinda includes the anime as well, since they have the same vibe and not many changes. While it's not actually perfect, it nails every aspect it has to. Starting with the the simpler things to explain, the art is really good, especially in the scenarios and character comical faces. Where it looses points to me is only in the fish and sea animals in general, witch might seem like not enough to take 2 points, but since it's supposed to be a scuba diving manga I think they should have gone all out and drawn some insanely good looking fish. About character, while trough most of the manga there's not much development, that happens later on and is not really necessary, what really matters is that every single character is incredibly funny and really likable, some from the start, and other as the story progresses.
What really gives the 10 to Grand Blue is how they nail college life. Of course, there are many exaggerations, but there are 3 easy counter-arguments for that. First: most anime/manga exaggerates a lot about its main theme anyway. Second: it is a comedy, so it's kinda necessary. Third: It's not nearly as exaggerated as you might think if you haven't been to college or had a quiet students life. This guys really nailed the spirit of college students. The suicidal drinking, the proportion of what they show between classes and partying (like one in every 20 chapters is actually related to studies). Later on, when things get serious and the seniors have to actually start studying and doing projects that take all of their time, and start spending less time with the younger students, bringing both sadness over the brutal abyss in their reality and terror since this seemingly infernal life is only a couple years away. Not that it is that difficult, but they really represented the entire essence of college life, while delivering some of the best comedy I've ever seen.
Since I like to rate stuff based on how well the authors managed to deliver what they propose, how well its artistically made and how much I personally like it, there is no real argument to not give this a 10.