Jan 14, 2020
xjermss (All reviews)

* Non-spoiler Review *

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime that all anime lovers have heard of at least once by someone.
Some might say it is over hyped and does not live up to all the praises given by fans.
Others say it is a masterpiece filled with many themes and messages left to decipher.
It certainly is an anime where fans tend to be divided on.
However, we can all agree that Neon Genesis Evangelion is certainly ambitious and gives
a unique tone that is not present in many animes.

Story: 6
The story starts off strong set in a futuristic city of Tokyo-3, 15 years after the events of the Second Impact.
The protaginist, Shinji Ikari, is sent to Tokyo-3 by Nerv to fight against the Angels attacking the city by piloting
a mecha robot known as an Evangelion. Shinji is thrown into this new environment and struggles to accommodate himself in
this new life. Shinji meets the other children assigned to pilot the other Evangelions, and they work together to defeat
the constant loom of threat against the Angels. As the story progresses, we are shown that there is more to these
Evangelions and the dark secrets that Nerv has.
In each episode, there is a main theme that is portrayed to add some depth to the events and characters
that are being shown. However, there can be times when things start to seem repetitive with the
constant battles and uprisings of the Angels.
Things start to get complicated towards the end with many plot holes that are not present in the anime.
It certainly is ambitious to fit in all these themes and ideas into a story like this, but
I believe Hideaki Anno accomplished what he wanted to portray in this anime.

Art: 7
The art direction used for Neon Genesis Evangelion was pretty unique for its time.
Character designs were really well made and action scenes were done beautifully.
However, the limited budget really shows itself at time when scenes are placed with stills
that seem to last an awfully long time.
They made the most of their budget and that is what should be praised.

Sound: 6
The music in this anime was really well made, and something that I really enjoyed.
I just wish that there were more variety of songs to be used in different sequences.
The same songs were used for similar things and scenes which might have improved if
there were more songs used.

Characters: 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion certainly had a variety of distinct characters. All dealing with some problem
and conflict in their lives. However, I can't say I enjoyed the characters too much. Usually I tend
to relate or enjoy a certain character more than the others in a show or movie, but this was not
the case. They all deal with problems that many of us can relate to in some way, but that is not
to say I enjoyed their characters. They were all given a background that left them scarred, I just
wish that there was more character development in those aspects.

Enjoyment: 7
Even though this review might seem negative, I certainly enjoyed Neon Genesis Evangelion for
what it's worth. I can see why it has become so influential and highly referenced in
pop culture. For its time, it was an ambitious an original idea, and I give my
praise to Hideaki Anno for this anime. It wasn't perfect or a masterpiece that people
may label it as, but it truly is unique.

My Rating: 6 (Fair)

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