Jan 14, 2020
kawaii123456 (All reviews)
"What is this ? What in the world happened here ?"
---Mana Takamiya

Well the Comedy that was disappearing from Date A Live is well and truly gone from Date A Live II. The dating sim aspects are gone, the sex comedy is nearly gone and what's left just isn't funny. When your attempts to play off Resident Evil, Rosario + Vampire all fall flat, and you can't get laughs from cross dressing maids and spirits acting like chunibyo, you've just failed and can only wonder, what in the world happened here ?

Most of the evolution of DAL II is forshadowed in the first series. It's not very subtle at all about pointing them out. Shidou's sister being experimented on and having a terminal condition , Origimi's obsession, Shidou being increasingly preachy towards the end, and the large evil corporation. All are billboards telling you the direction it's going, what they didn't tell you is that it was going maudlin, melodramatic, preachy and talky,

The lazy writing of the first series is taken to 11 with the magic system literally being whatever the writers want it to be at any moment. Shidou heals or doesn't as needed. The girls have their spirit abilities available or unavailable purely dependent on the scene. If they are trapped in a bad situation no soup for them. power needed to defeat someone out comes the sealed abilities. Shidou needs to be whittled down tragically ? The healing slowly goes away. 5 seconds later he has to take a full on blast, he heals up. You get characters behaving in the stupidest of ways. I don't mean inconsistent with their built up character because there really isn't any of that, I mean inconsistent with the simplest of reasoning. You can attack a wall, or you can can attack the guy with the remote control for the wall who is standing right next to you ? What's your choice ? The wall of course.

The art is still very good, you have lovingly done backgrounds and well made and drawn characters. The music however is deployed in the most annoying manner of trying to manipulate your emotional state. It's good music but bringing out the schmaltz and overwhelming everything is just insulting.

Recommendation: If you haven't seen it yet and have seen the first season. Stop. Don't watch it, it will just further bring down the series for you. If you haven't seen the first season, and are looking for comedy don't look here. After the first season this franchise doesn't rate the tag.