Jan 14, 2020
JustAnAverage (All reviews)
I'll try my best to make this as short and concise as possible, while still covering all the aspects of the manga.

Similar to Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?, Tensei shitara Dragon no Tamago datta: Ibara no Dragon Road is the story of the MC (who is male) who gets reincarnated as a dragon egg, where he has to defeat monsters to level up and evolve with the goal of becoming the strongest.

I'll break up my rating into 4 categories: story(plot), art, character, and enjoyment.

Story - 5/10

Nothing special here, the same cliched trope where the MC gets reincarnated in another world. Except that he's reincarnated as a dragon egg! The story is kinda bland and get boring from time to time. The MC encounters new enemies and defeat them after some struggle. The story only get somewhat exciting at around chapter 10. The added comedy makes it much more entertaining, but after a few chapters it kinda wears off. Overall, the story is pretty mediocre.

Art - 6/10

The art is nothing special. It's not bad, but it's not exactly great either. It doesn't affect the enjoyment aspect of the manga. The character designs made it a little confusing for me, as many of the minor characters look awfully similar to each other. The action scenes were well drawn and made it much more entertaining.

Character - 5/10

The MC is whiny and naive, which sometimes adds to the comedy. But at other time, it get pretty annoying. Moreover, he gets really attached to the heroine (?), who's the cliched friendly girl type. Other than the MC and black lizard, all the other characters are poorly developed. Hell, even that ape monster had more personality than the girl! Black lizard is by far my favourite character in the manga. In short, the MC is really annoying and all the characters are bland.

Enjoyment - 7/10

The manga was surprisingly enjoyable despite how mediocre its plot was. It could be because of personal preference. Overall, if you like the isekai genre, this is a great manga for you!

Overall - 6/10

Overall, it's a decent manga. It has its flaws but is still enjoyable in spite of it. The first few chapters are very good, but it starts slowly declining from there. If you are an isekai fan, you should check this out!