Jan 14, 2020
TheRotten (All reviews)
Oh my god! To put it a few words without beating around the bush, ITS BAD, but this a great hate watch and I LOVE it to bits! This is spoiler free, so feel free to go, I wont ruin this experience to you.
I highly recommend it if you want a text book example of how to overdo dark thematic elements and the things that you can do to avoid that in retrospective.
Mahou Shoujo Site is a genuinely passionate attempt to make the darkest possible version of the Dark-Mahou-Shoujo-Faustian-Bargain genera and fails in an spectacular way at doing so. It tried so hard to be the next best thing to Madoka that it felt flat on its face in an almost comedic way. While looking at the reviews for this show I haven't seen so many variations on the word "edgy" since Kayn became a thing in League of Legends.

Its just mesmerizing to watch, I haven't read the manga yet, but I cant wait to do so.
So this is coming from someone without the full picture.

To recap things quickly, this series has some serious problems, and a LOT of missed potential, It could have being actually really good; there are some interesting ideas and concepts here, but the execution lets so much to be desired that the entire show collapses under its own weight.

So! Bulletpoints!

Story: Its actually very good in some aspects. Sadly, since the manga is 16 volumes, you already know that you cant expect the full story. So... be ready for that. It would have been a complete disaster if they tried to pack that up in just 12 episodes. For what it does cover, is quite competent in its own way, but I haven't read the manga yet. Expect mishandling/overdoing of dark themes, it goes way over the top.

Art: The production value is very descent. The animation its fine, the characters are on model, the backgrounds are fine. The big character moments are handled well enough (for what they are), the compositions are fine. Its just fine, nothing to complain here really.

Sound: Its serviceable at best. Its nothing special, but it gets the job done, there are no mayor hits, but no misses either. Its... unremarkable, just fine.

Character: Oh boy, here we go! This is the meat of this ordeal. I cant say anything without spoiling things, so I'll try to keep this short. There are SO many problems. Some of them are irredeemable, some of them have little to no development, some of them are forced in a likable position way past a point of no return, some of their interactions make no sense... They have very interesting setups and character quirks, but the audience have little to no time to get into them. Its really a shame, since there are some some really cool and interesting things and themes to explore on them, but the story and passing didn't deliver. Arguably, the main villain of the arc they cover is the most interesting character. Missed potential is what Im saying here.

Enjoyment: As I said before, this is a bad show, but its blast to watch as a learning experience. I had a great time, I cant wait to read the manga, Im gonna go do it right after I finish this text.

The valance in between darkness and edginess is a delicate thing. This show is an example how to overdo things.

I love and hate this show at the same time, Its terrible, but it haves a personality that won me over. As I said, its a great hate watch. Someone had a vision and now we have to pay for it.

I like to think of a world in witch this could a been a masterpiece. It throws a lot of stuff that if explored with depth and respect it deserves could make a great show.

So... that's it! :D

Esta fue mi reviu de majoh yoyo sait para Sega Genesis y espero que les haya gustado.