Jan 14, 2020
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I won't start off with the artistic quotes and viewpoints of other reviewers because that is useless. There is no reason to describe an anime in such useless terms. If one were to analyze an anime, do not just pull quotes and supposedly philosophical viewpoints. I will say this bluntly, Babylon was average. It was okay...

I loved the beginning. It had numerous interesting twists and turns and kept you on edge. As an audience, we expected many things, and we got more than we wanted. These twists and turns amazed us. They were terrifying, thrilling, and out of this world, but at the same time, they made sense.
Each character was extremely well developed, making me intrigued to find out more about their lives. In addition, this show wasn't afraid to kill its characters. It killed numerous characters, enticing the watchers to learn more about the world and swallowing them into the mystery.
The initial conflict between the two characters of Seizaki and Magase was even more interesting. The devilish Magase was a real psychopath that awed me in how terrible she was. In addition, the development of Seizaki helped us feel very sympathetic in his struggles against Magase. The creator developed Magase so well, that she is probably one of the best villains I've ever seen. She's a person I'd love to hate.

However, there were some serious problems. We head to the main plot of the story for this.
This anime, in essence, is trying to prove a point on suicide. However, the way this main plot is set up is completely messed up and riddled with holes.
The debate between the two sides of the argument is riddled with logical fallacies and in the end, can be disproved by anyone with a working brain. I understand that the creator wants to show that suicide has many points of view, but it is very unjustifiable, and the way the creator paints it, makes it even more so.
The way the creator tries to prove that suicide is a good thing has way too many flaws. Even the anime itself knows this because the side of the argument that supports suicide refuses to answer many questions that can disprove their argument.
Furthermore, the support for suicide completely skips over the psychological and societal factors that contribute to suicide. The argument does not consider why people commit suicide and says that suicide and not committing suicide are the only two answers. Apparently, there is no therapy, medication, and psychiatry in this world.
It also further messes up many facts about world religions and governments across the world. It shows many governments approving suicide but without reason. After all, a government's obligation is to protect its people, especially from death.
It also messes up the relationship of the U.S government and how it functions and laws concerning murder and suicide.
Furthermore, tries to be philosophical and refer to the Bible, incorrectly. Thus, I give the story, especially the reasoning a 4.

Everything else was very good. I liked how the opening was only 30 seconds, helping viewers stay on the task at hand (watching the show).
It also has very good thriller elements. It is well played there.
The art is beautiful and unique and the sound design is as good.

The only major problem I have is the logic of the story. I feel like the subplot with Magase and Seizaki is way more interesting than the actual discussion of suicide. The suicide discussion is honestly one of the stupidest ways to depict suicide in any media ever.