Jan 14, 2020
Crossark (All reviews)
Black Bullet is one of those series that had massive potential to be good if only it had an exit strategy. It takes the apocalyptic world-invasion setting of the Shin Megami Tensei and Devill Survivor series, with a decent amount of intrigue surrounding the invading lifeforms and plenty of inter-character drama revolving around how people would deal with the end of the world. However, any time a breakthrough is made regarding the nature of the creatures, the series feels the need to immediately throw it aside with increasingly god-mode baddies. This has the added unfortunate side-effect of the Mary-Sue-ification of the main character as the series continues. I don't know why it is that these series can't seem to feel comfortable letting their characters have nice things when they've earned it — they always have to up the ante.

Of course, there's always a tipping point where both the viewer and the creators seem to acknowledge that the effect of constantly-raising stakes is coming back to bite the series in the ass. The viewer increasingly doubts that the characters are in any real danger, so to counteract this the creators start throwing in massive, poorly thought-out moments that either involve arbitrary character death or character-breaking moments. This behavior often derails a story and leaves the story full of unanswered questions.

Unfortunately, Black Bullet's final few episodes are jam-packed with these moments, leaving the viewer thinking, "What on earth is happening anymore?!" The two main characters start out likable enough, but eventually one of them completely loses any redeeming qualities and goes a bit insane. Meanwhile, the other fully embraces his lolicon tendencies in a very uncomfortable way. This rapid shift away from an otherwise enjoyable story that should was the result of a series that lost sight of its goal somewhere along the way.

In fairness, the OP is phenomenal, and the art is often breathtaking. So, if you like spectacle for spectacle's sake and can turn off the part of your brain that keeps track of plot points, you'd probably love this series! However, I just can't justify giving it any sort of recommendation as a work of fiction.