Jan 14, 2020
WeeabooHunter101 (All reviews)
So, I recently rewatched the English dub of Little Nemo on Crunchyroll. Some of the movie I remember watching as a kid, but other parts I seem to have forgotten.
Story wise, tackling the idea of a repeating dream sequences can present problems, but the film seemed to mostly handle that well. The 'Oh, I'm still in a dream' notion does wear thin, but thankfully they don't dwell on that for too long. Other than that, the narrative is simple and family oriented. A good morality tale on keeping promises and finding the courage to fix mistakes.
I think that this film's animation has held up reasonably well, on par with other animated features of the 80's and 90's. Not as good as Disney Renaissance, but better than Rankin & Bass. Sort of that Don Bluth film area. Slumberland and its inhabitants are whimsical and colorful, while their nightmare counterparts can be appropriately frightening to younger audiences. Perhaps too frightening for some children, so grain of salt for parents.
Is there an edited version of the English dub out there? I remember the clown character Flip being a typical hobo clown (light face makeup and dark mouth makeup), not a Minstrel Show clown with all racial baggage that carries with it. Now there's a third cringe joining Jynx and Mr. Popo in the world of Japanese animation transitions to the US.
The English dub has some issues. Moments of missing or awkward lip flaps, line delivery that is mismatched with the tone, and dialogue out of sync are all present at one point or other. Thankfully, this is more of an exception than rule. The music is alright, if a little flamboyant at times.
For a film that went through so many hands while in development hell, it has survived to be a decent film for the family. Hope you enjoy.