Jan 14, 2020
fairystiel (All reviews)
i have no idea why i have the need to write a review for this mediocre anime but here i am! and yes this is my very first MAL review wow!! so please bear with me with my also mediocre review hehe

when i finished watching the first episode of assassins pride, my first initial thought was "what is the point of the name of this anime when it doesn't even live up to what it means??" does that even make sense? i don't know i don't care, moving on. it was like the male protagonist made a full 180 on his character; your job is to assassinate your targets but somehow just because he started to pity her he just went up and disobeyed the pride of an assassin. yawn.

im gunna be honest the anime wasn't all bad, but maybe that's just because i get easily entertained, but i mean if it was so bad i would've just stop by episode 1. i guess what kept me going was the stunning animation (for the first half of the anime lol). also lemme just add that the OP is f*cking fire. a good head bang haha.

anyways as for the characters and plot, i did kind of liked melida, she was your typical, strong willed and sweet character. she just wants to be recognized by her talents (don't we all). and then theres kufa sensei. he's not so bad either, only just the fact that he's a lolicon lol. i don't even have an opinion on him, he's just another kirito tbh just a little freaky. the only thing i liked about him was his background story. that side plot they had with kufa's past was the only thing that was really interesting to me tbh. as for the plot itself, it was alright, i just feel like it could've just ended a lot sooner, it was just a lot of useless dialog in my opinion.

honestly this anime had the potential to be a really good. i just feel like the plot wasn't too special, it felt like a drag just watching melida trying to prove everyone else that she wasn't some secret love baby or whatever. also the fact that they skip over her training with kufa, to me was kinda upsetting because i personally like to see growth. and the characters felt typical, i also really dislike elise her character is a waste and i hate it. besides the fact that this show had amazing animation/visuals and that the music was pretty good, this show could've been more than just an anime to get over with boredom.