Jan 14, 2020
ZuraProtag (All reviews)
I'd like to start of this review with the following bold statement: Lucky Star is the best slice of life anime there is. In a stack of apples, it is the apple that looks a little bit tastier compared to the rest. Shitty metaphor, i know, but the point is that when it comes to slice of life anime, nothing tops this series.

Lucky Star is basically about a group of girls talking about whatever. The whole show is largely built on referencing and poking fun at otaku culture, but other than that, there is not really something you can call a "story". So how do you judge the story of an anime with no story? I have no idea, so I figured I'd tell about how there is no story, and how I love that. I am a big fan of not having to think, so slice of life anime is pretty much perfect for me. Usually, the more laid back the atmosphere of the show is, the better. Lucky star is as laid back as you can possibly imagine. So yeah basically there is no plot what so ever in Lucky Star, and I love it.

Earlier I said that the more laid back the anime is, the better. However, this is only true if the characters are funny. Boring characters kill any hype for any anime, but it is especially this, I feel, is especially true in the slice of life genre. If the characters are boring, then there is literally nothing fun left. You're just watching a bunch of ordinary boring people doing their every day routine. If that is what I want, then I'll just go and live my own life instead. Anyway, back to Lucky Star. The characters are funny as hell. The dynamic between the four main characters, as well as other minor characters, just works. I'm pretty bad with words so too bad, I can't explain properly why I think they are hilarious, but just holy shit they can be funny. Point is, the comedy makes it so that the laid back feel of the show doesn't get boring.

Lucky Star's art-style is really good. I don't mean like "wow they must have used a million dollars on this scene"-good, but rather "wow it fits so perfectly with the show"-good. Of course, the art in Lucky Star is very unique, as you won't find anything else that resembles it. The Lucky Star art just fits extremely well with the show, despite being really simple.

Gotta love the opening theme. Even if you haven't seen Lucky Star you have most likely heard the infamous opening theme. However, the opening theme is not the only thing to praise here. The background music fits beautifully to the different scenes, going from laid back and chill to sometimes extreme and full of energy. Mostly it's just chill though. Lucky Star also has a new ending theme for each episode, featuring the main cast singing the songs of what I believe are other anime, while being in a karaoke bar. I doubt I have watched any of the anime they are referencing in the ending themes, but it's still cool.

Besides being an awesome slice of life anime, Lucky Star is also a parody. You can not watch a single episode without seeing anime references, as well as a ton of other otaku things. the parody elements of Lucky Star makes up most of the comedy you'll see, so based on what I have said earlier, the parody elements plays a huge part of the overall experience.

Lucky Star is an anime for you if you like to relax and have a good laugh at the same time. Seeing as most of the comedy is based on parodying other anime and otaku culture, I wouldn't go too far by saying that it will probably be funnier the more anime you have watched. First time I watched it, a lot of stuff went over my head. Also, it is worth to say that seeing as Lucky Star the anime is close to 13 years old, some of the references to otaku culture can be outdated.

Anyway, Lucky Star is one hell of a funny anime, and you should definitely check it out if you haven't already. I'm just a random dude on the internet but trust me, it's worth the watch.