Jan 14, 2020
FlowersInTheRain (All reviews)
Little Witch Academia is a 10/10 show!
In my opinion, out of the shows that I have watched so far it is second only to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Some say the second half of the show wasn't great but I feel that the second half of the show is where it really came to life! I admit some elements of the story were predictable but that didn't make it any less enjoyable overall. The story was very well done. And the show looks visually stunning!

I gave all versions of LWA a 10/10 not just the TV version
Even the school theme was fine since it is a specialised academy and not your typical high school anime where you don't even know what the students are studying!

LWA will inspire you. It will get you off your butt and make you want to work at something or towards something. I grew up playing classical piano and I was highly ambitious and motivated growing up. I watched this show at a time when I was feeling down. Feeling trapped even. But then Akko reminded me of who I was. Who I am. She has the same energy and spirit as Edward Elric. She doesn't give up. She believes in self improvement. She embodies that. She is genuine. And she is really NOT to be lewded! Nope, don't even think it! This is a show with passion, emotion and creativity. And it is very well done. It is a masterpiece and it will stand the test of time. Watch this show and enjoy it. You will not regret one moment of it! I give it full marks across the board.

Story = 10
Turly a joy from start to finish. The story is solid and inspiring. It has a tiny bit of predictability but it is very well told.

Visuals = 10
One of the most beautiful anime I have ever seen! Not far behind Violet Evergarden for its beauty to me.

Sound = 10
The score is phenomenal. Really, it give you tingles and shivers of pleasure. The OPs and EDs are amazing and all of the music throughout the show!

Character = 10
All of the characters are brilliant. Akko is so good as a character I wish if I ever have a daughter she will be like HER!

Enjoyment = 10
Can you not see that I am entertained by this yet? Easy 10!

Overall = 10
Its a 10!

Btw I watched a few episodes subbed but for this anime I think the dub is far superior! Have a try for yourself though!