Jan 14, 2020
Sargossa (All reviews)
I have been seeing these Nekopara girls everywhere I go, whether it be memes or figurines. So I figured it's about time I see what all the hype is about.

After watching it, I both understand, and don't understand why the hype has lasted so long. This series is certainly unique in the sense that it knows what its audience wants, and is full on unapologetically ballsy in giving it to them.

Basically, it's the world if catgirls existed as a separate species, and you could legally own them.

Which is a fun, cute, kinda "freaky", but equally as disturbing idea. I ain't shaming anybody for it, I can (and definitely do) dig it. But I also recognize that the show is so unique in how blunt it is about it that there's an underlying sense of discomfort - At least with me.

Maybe I haven't reached that level of degeneracy yet XD

The only way the show could be more blunt about it is if they openly said: "Oh yeah, you can **** them."

This all being said, I'm not factoring my score on any of this. In fact I applaud the fact that it doesn't pander to the "politically correct crowd."

I give it a 5 because it bets the entirety of the show on that single attribute. Outside of that single trait, there is literally nothing else to be found here.

There is no plot, there is no character apart from tropes, there is no direction, there's nothing.

I wouldn't say it's bad, but I definitely wouldn't call it good. It's the definition of nothing. It's as vanilla as vanilla can get.

(Pun not intended)