Jan 14, 2020
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This is a tricky one.

This is one of the few anime that I can start saying that is not for everyone. It's main problem is the story structure and pacing. The pacing is slow, is good for a story of this kind but can be off-putting for someone who is not used to that kind of narrative. Is not necessarily bad having a slow pacing, but the structure is somewhat problematic.

Many times, in this and other Urasawa works, the point of view can jump from the main character to a new one with apparent no relation to the story in that point and start telling it's story for entire chapters before intertwining with the main plot. Everything works out in the end once the plotlines combine and the relevance of the subplot is seen, but it can take a long time to be noticeable and it steals a lot of focus from the amin conflict. It's an manageable narrative tool but it drags the story close to the middle climax.

Other than that narrative trouble, the rest of the this are mainly positive. The story is really interesting and touches some good themes and characters all the way in. There is a considerable amount of character growth and memorable interactions that make the viewing worthy even if sometimes it can feel unfocused. The production is also peculiar, it's rather unique but sometimes it can feel stiff while in other scenes it can create an great inmersion thanks to the really well done atmosphere. In fact, it's biggest strength is how well it combines with the writing to make it an inmersive experience with a lot of slow building tension.

It's a very good recommendation to anyone who likes thrillers and drama, but is surely not adequate for someone who wants fast paced action, or any fast pace in the first place. Is a slow but worthy story with great characters that deserves to be watched by anyone who can stand it's tricky story quirks.