Jan 14, 2020
froakieonboard (All reviews)
I'M GONNA SPOIL THE SHOW, BE WARNED! (if that's even possible lol)

"Pretentious people acting smart about love."
Sums up this show pretty well.

After the first episode the only reason you might find yourself watching this is the fact that the girls are quite pretty, well-drawn and cute, and you can lewd them.

Comedy is subjective, and the circlejerking part is definitely not for me.
If the whole series going to be about these love experiments, with the status quo of two blind idiots trying to prove that they are ACTUALLY in love, is staying, I'm quite unsure about continuing this show.

I can understand why many people would watch something like this, but if you are looking for a love comedy about serious relationships and romance, this show is definitely not going to suit you.

Story 6/10
Ok-ish, going to be a drawn out strudel dough.
If the story gets nowhere, this series will get dry sooner or later, and lose its flavor.

Art 8/10
Pretty nice
This might end up being the only reason I will watch the show lol, but don't expect a KyoAni level. It looks like there was time and effort put into it to make it look good.

Sound 7/10
Poppy, average comedy anime sounds
Don't expect too much, meh
I'm giving it a 7 and not a 6, because the voice actors do a good job delivering and estabilishing the characters, and creating the comedy.

Character 6/10
I definitely hope the supporting cast is more interesting than the two mains.
They want to sell us that the two main characters are actually competent people, but at the same time they are trying to do the opposite.

After the "they think that everything could be explained trough numbers thing" I actually started to question their knowledge.

Another thing, at the hobby sheets, they show us that their (the two mains') hobby is to read science papers, but they don't really clarify what type of papers.
Moreover, I might have missed something, but after the first episode I can't remember what are they doing in the research office, nor what do they research ("on paper"), and most importantly why are they ACTUALLY there.
Please drop a message if I really did miss it, and it was there all along.
Don't want to pinpoint to anything, *khmm* Dunning-Kruger khmm* but in reality they might be closer to middle of the spectrem than to the high-end of it.

Enjoyment 7/10
It did make me laugh, sometimes genuinely, sometimes in pity. However, the acting high parts made my blood boil.

Overall 7/10
Good, but I'm sure I'm not the audience for this. Going to check back later if something was off in my judgement.