Jan 14, 2020
kueapel (All reviews)
Do you like it when a story treats you like you're an absolute moron? Congratulations, this anime is for you. It treats the audience like a moron. Like on the 1st episode. Oh look, futuristic fast moving bike! Nope, someone can run faster than that bike. Oh look, futuristic police AI in a sophisticated robotic body! Nope, they are brain dead dumb AI catching the wrong person IN PUBLIC COMPLETE WITH PUBLIC SURVEILLANCE AND A F****ING VICTIM/WITNESS VOUCHING FOR HIM. Immediately you're being attacked by the story treating you with zero respect treating you as if you're some kind of kid with special needs.

As the story progresses, "problems" come. Nah, jk, there are absolutely nothing happened through the entirety of this series. Everyone have a really thick plot armor protecting them from absolutely anything and everything. The only thing they're not protected against is bad writing. Oh my GOD the writing sucks so bad, it even sucks life out of me. It makes you cringe like a *insert offensive elderly people joke here*. So if you expect some kind of consequence happens for any mistake the characters are doing, then expect them get rewarded instead. Again, they treats you like you're an absolute moron.

Story: 2/10
What make things worse is that they try to hook you in with some promising idea about getting lost in space and a chance to survive. But what you get is a bunch of brain dead kids make themselves thrown far away in space to have an orgy while doing absolutely nothing else and the plot carefully doing everything for them. Yay. Dreadful.

Art: 7/10

Sound: 5/10

Character: 1/10
They mock you so bad by giving you these brain dead kids as the characters. It actually offends me on how they think these characters are actually going to works. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--------

Enjoyment: 1/10
I have a dream... one day I'll finish this anime so I can review it in the way it absolutely deserve and stop it from deceiving people especially the younger audience they obviously targets.

Overall: 2/10 DREADFUL!
I know I'm too old for this shit... but I suspect that kids nowadays are not as dumb as this anime is trying to portray them to be. OR UNLESS..........

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