Jan 14, 2020
Rousk (All reviews)
At this moment DBS is laughing in Nanatsu's face
Starting with the censorship that Anime has.
The drawings that are worse in each chapter.
I honestly don't want to see something so badly adapted.
The epic battles were a total disgust (the ones that go for now).
In my opinion, one of the worst decisions was an arc that is the most fundamental, the one that marks such important things, having the worst of luck, and being so badly animated, it is just a matter of going to the last chapters (11-12 -13) and wait until the visual cancer contaminates your mind and you are thinking about what the hell happened here, especially those who read the manga.
It was a real mockery and on top of that, I had a shonen of such prestige, in turn a mockery towards the same company that encouraged her, since having such a prestigious career, I wonder: