Jan 14, 2020
WowWaldo (All reviews)
This review will contain spoilers.

I watched Brotherhood first and seeing this version was very interesting.

This version has fillers and takes time to show that alchemy can be used for selfless and selfish reasons with high costs. With this version it's more serious along with the themes of death being permanent and the characters are more fleshed out and the scenes leave a sense of awe afterwards. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing.

With Brotherhood there's more characters that you enjoy seeing in action and there's always something to gain watching it. The homunculus are always a treat.

I like seeing the differences between Brotherhood and this version; it makes them stand out while taking on the brothers' journey in a different perspective.

Greed's death in Brotherhood showed that even they can do selfless things and that wanting power isn't always a bad thing given the motivation, while Greed's death in the original showed that not all homunculus want the same thing.

Barry the Chopper in Brotherhood was a comedic type, but in this version he strikes fear into Edward, and that scene with Alphonse and the music hits, a very emotional and effective scene.

Edward in this version is more immature and still a kid shown with how impulsive he gets at times, the fear vs Barry in the butcher house.

Archer's character was great alongside Scar and Kimblee. Fletcher and Russell returning in the end to see Edward was interesting.

Armstrong and Mustang get more screen time so that's also a plus.

Watch either version of Fullmetal Alchemist you can't go wrong, both versions bring something different to the table.