Jan 14, 2020
theRealGuyFieiri (All reviews)
Enen no Shouboutai, or Fire Force, ah the religious supernatural God-powered firefighters with family issues being the backbone of the story.

Fuck the spoiler warning cause you do not even need that shit as it will only just prevent you from understanding the true monstrosity of a show this is. Where do I begin, I guess a start is, what am I even watching. So before going into this show, you would just expect people with supernatural powers using them for the greater good to fight off unknown fire causes right? Wrong. This show is a mess and let me tell you why. The show is not just about a kid, Shinra, trying to find his baby brother and a reason behind the cause. It is some god awful blend of Shounen with stupid religious aspects as well as supernatural phenomenon paired up with science, you should know that science and supernatural don't go together. If I am going to be honest, the wasn't all that bad at first. Yes, the first few episodes weren't the greatest but it was tolerable and at times enjoyable. However, I have no idea what happened in the studio that caused almost every good aspect of the show to drop massively. From the quality to the pacing, to characters and planning, everything that the show had at first dropped from the starting quarter to the end. Our main character, Shinra, is a reincarnation of fucking kid 'Naruto' and you should know that is not a good sign. He is annoying and frustrating, not very well built and doesn't seem to develop throughout the show, he is always shallow and pathetic and it is so painful to watch. Another issue that bugs me a lot is the antagonists, lo and behold these are one of the worse villains I have seen. The antagonists are bad cause they're bad, the cause behind their fighting is stupid and shallow. The show does a terrible job on making them gripping and interesting. In every fight scene, you can just close your eyes and know that the good guys will win without any twist what so ever. As I entered the second half of the series, the studio somehow does it again to make things worse. The sick ass intro that we all know and love is replaced with screaming as an intro, that alone got rid of one of a big factor looking forward to the show. The studio also does a horrendous job on either making it funny or serious, like I have seen others with this cause but with this series, it is done so frequently that it's painful. An example, a serious fight scene and suddenly a burst of a light mood scene that just ruins the whole scenario. Do keep in mind that happens consistently. The show tries too hard to be a slice of life and a comedy series that just defeats the whole purpose of making an impactful story. The only times I found this series interesting is the concept, the character Joker and a couple of the fight scenes. When I heard about the powers of fire and the implications used I was honestly intrigued by it and was excited to see how it was used, however to my disappointment the show just took that brilliant concept and slam dunk it into the trash bin. I am so frustrated by how the studio took this series, even if the manga sucked they still could have made a very enjoyable show. Plus at the scene where the Joker came out to fight Shou just sent shivers down my spine, I love Joker, he was such an anti-hero and a third party to the show. I really wanted to see more of him but sadly he wasn't involved till then. I must praise the studio for taking good care of some of the fight scenes, definitely one would be with Captain Shinmon. But one thing that pulled the showdown by a score is the plot armor Shinra has, he does not die or get anyway weaker when losing a fight. I want to point out this scene in particular, the scene where Shinwa gets a sword through his chest. Holy shit, when that happened, no one was concern whatsoever, does the studio not grasp the situation he was in. Like when that happened and he still continues to talk, my mind was just blown away. What's worse is that not even one of his allies were concern and they even took their time sending him to the hospital. Upon a closer look at his wounds in the hospital scene, it looks as if the sword pierce him through his chest bone and back, now, take this in would you. A sword through the chest would mean he has broken the middle bone of his chest and that would lucky cause his lungs to be damaged, the show displayed no signs of serious pain from Shinra and he just recovered without any drawbacks. Fuck this show.


Character- 3/10: Fuck every shallow piece of shit except Joker and a bit of my boy Arthur, I know he is retarded but he is sometimes a breath of fresh air when scenes get too emotional and serious. Plus he is a good contrast to some of the over-dramatic characters.

Art- 4/10: Clearly under budget and under produced, they at least pulled some decent fight scenes off but the whole series is just a complete mess. At times the characters just seem 2D with no depth, plus constantly there are times when the scenes don't add up to the surroundings they are in. There is not much care taken into the details and their surroundings and it always seems they are out of place.

Writing- 2/10: Pure dog shit, an interesting concept, terrible and downright awful execution on the scenes. The is no placing and the planning of scenes is probably non-existent. I also hate the fact that all this took place due to one family. Like that is way too self-centered and places too much importance on one person. As if the whole world revolves around one family... like Star Wars.

Sound- 6/10: The first intro was fire, till of course, they ruined it with screaming as an intro instead. I love the sound effects for Shinra's leg boosters and the linking with his brother is actually quite fascinating. Too bad they can't make the writing and character as interesting as the sound.

Overall, an utter mess that should be purged off by throwing it into the fires. The show can present a fire-related theme but it can't save itself from being burnt by the number of flaws it has. Ironic.

Light 3 to a Strong 2