Jan 14, 2020
Garebear3599 (All reviews)
I was honestly very shocked by how much this manga captivated my attention. I almost could not let go of it and now that I am caught up, all I can do is wait for the next one.


The story is a mystery genre in my opinion because the reader becomes puzzled with the situation and it adds curiosity into the mix of everything. The supernatural aspect allows for the unknown to also be added into the mix of the mystery. A mystery becomes harder to solve right off the bat if there is supernatural aspects that are not seen in the real world.


There are small foreshadowing that the story does great. There are little details that not even the reader can notice until later. Overall, the art is among your basic styles.


There is the commonality of protagonists not having abilities and becomes a nobody. The difference in this story though is that there is a source of understanding between the reader and the protagonist because they do not have their own powers just like the reader.


I had the best time reading this and am excited for more in the future. It is sadly not coming out as fast as I would hope, but we will see.


Would highly recommend for those that enjoy a good mystery and love problem solving. The story can get quite emotional, but that is what makes it lovely! Enjoy!