Jan 14, 2020
allmylist (All reviews)
Compared to some of the other Isekai shows I've watched and reviewed recently (Isekai Cheat Magician), I would say that "In Another World With My Smartphone" is a more bearable one, despite the bad rating I'm giving it. Primarily because, it doesn't take itself seriously, so the usual annoying things (like the lame feminine MC) aren't that annoying.

That said, the show isn't doing anything new with the premise. Guy gets accidentally killed by "god" and is re-incarnated.. well no, resurrected, in a new world with magic and magical beings. Oh and he gets to keep his smart-phone.

Well, that sounds fun. Too bad they shit on this whole premise instantly.

Really, you end up seeing like two other species, foxes and rabbits (or I am mixing the setting with Cheat Magician, can't tell, all these damn Isekai shows are starting to blend in). They show up in background, a few times. But that's pretty much it.

Then they try to introduce magic system where jewels of specific elements are used for magic.. then proceed to ditch it entirely as those jewels are never mentioned again (whole episode dedicated to them btw). They talk about adventurers needing armor and good equipment in the beginning, so obviously the MC buys a stylish fur coat borrowed from the nearest LGBT store for max protection in combat (he's OP, he doesn't need even that anyway). In-fact, he mentions that the coat protects him from the "elements he can't use".. seriously? HE CAN USE EVERY ELEMENT AND THE NULL ONE! So what the hell else is the coat protecting him from?

Even worse, there is no big-bad, there is no crises affecting the world or its people. Someone somewhere tries assassinating a king, poorly, who looks like duke, so you sit there wondering who the fuck is who most of the time. Rest of the show is nothing but random girls falling in love with a butter-faced hero who continuously over-acts to every girl even staring at him for more than 2 seconds.

Oh and about that smartphone. At first, god just presents it as a way for the character to stay in touch with the current world (news), but later, it can do anything. Seriously, the MC is so OP that instead of even doing anything himself physically, he just stands at a spot, tags every enemy around him on his phone (cause apparently you can do that suddenly) and cast a spell on his phone, killing every enemy instantly. WOW, SO COOL! (kill me)

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I was going to give it a 4/10 but as I neared the end of my review, gave it 1/10. That's all.