Jan 14, 2020
DNGlist (All reviews)
Actually, I was more hopeful about this "Hibike Euphonium movie", because it was made in the form of a movie, Kyoto Animation made a beautiful TV series, especially if it's a movie, I said. but it turns out my expectations are too high. this movie is not bad, I like it a lot, but in my opinion the conflict is still less climax than what happened in season 2 hibike euphonium, orchestral music in season 2 can make me cry emotion because it's really cool, but in this film I think " good "but not special. The ending that is presented in my opinion is not as good as other KyoAni films such as Koe no Katachi, Suzumiya Haruhi movie, K-On! The film, Kyoukai no Kanata I'll Be Here, and other films by Kyoani including Liz to Aoi Tori. there are still many unanswered questions after watching this film, maybe it's a good idea if this series will get further adaptation, but in my opinion this movie is becoming less climax. apart from it all, thanks to "Kyoto animation" and other parties involved, for presenting this beautiful work. I hope that the journey of Kumiko and friends will continue.