Jan 13, 2020
nic016 (All reviews)
Well, I guess I'll be the first one to review this average-as-hell manga... Now before I begin, I want you to know I've never read the light novel, or watched the anime, so I'm completely new to this series.

Story: Mediocre story. Scoring a 5, this plot is kind of odd. At first, you get the sense this is a story about a boy who becomes like this powerful person who defeats evil in the world... At least that's how the story starts off. Then more and more girls join him on his journey, and I saw a strange harem forming, but it never really went anywhere. As odd as this sounds, it's as if from chapter 15 or so, to chapter 30, it almost feels like filler. Now that I think about it, it's just building up the amount of characters for the harem... But there's really no romantic or loving undertones between the girls (other than the main characters fiancee) and the main character. Then all of a sudden, as the story/plot is literally going no where for almost 20 chapters, it gets sexual/romantic. Like out of no where. I got this sense that the author ran of out things to write about, and went with a harem story. But instead, I think that the author just failed to make things sexually tense between the characters as the harem formed...

Art: Very good actually, I love the simplicity of the art and the drawing of the characters. Faces are drawn beautifully and almost perfectly.

Character: Mediocre characters. To be honest, none of the characters have any struggle or barriers they must overcome. Which is a big problem, because you begin to lose interest in story pretty quickly. The main character is OP. Just like, absolutely no problem outsmarting everything. Which sucks. I want problems for him. Whats the point of reading if he'll always win?

Overall, this had potential for a cool story about a boy who is transplanted into another dimension, and fights his way up to defeating evil. Instead we got that story, but slapped with a harem story. And they don't blend very well. BUT HEY. I'm going to keep reading. I'm not giving up on this until the end... who knows. This may surprise me in the end.