Jan 13, 2020
nic016 (All reviews)
After reading a bunch of titles written by this author (Ichigo Takano), I had high hopes for this title. I'm surprised this title is scored so highly, I didn't think it was THAT great (7.81 overall on MAL? Wow). I'll get to why I thought to this later...

Story: 7. It's good. I mean, it's not an emotional story. To be honest, it's much more of a slice of life than a romantic manga. It's slow, and at one point I thought "am I really going to finish this?". There's a point where I feel like I'm reading the same chapter over and over again. It didn't blow me away, and I thought (with the history of the author) there was going to be a big ending, but I was disappointed.

Art: 7. In terms of consistency, it's all over the place but this is normal for the author. You can tell when she speeds through a scene, but loves to have single shots where it's just the character straight on. A lot of people have problems with the kind of art she does (not traditional "anime eyes") but you get used to it and it just becomes normal after a while. Just know I'm not scoring this low because of the anime style, I'm scoring it low because there's some consistency issues but I'm not torn about it.

Character: 6. This was a low point for me. The story dragged for a long time, and the characters developed suuuuper slowly. I felt like the author made the story, and then didn't know how it would end and filled it with filler until she found out how to end it...

Overall, it's sort of an anticlimactic story. I'm disappointed, but if you want something to read casually and kill time on the toilet, it's not bad lol.