Jan 13, 2020
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A manga that’s a slow burn age gap romance focused more on being amusing than having a lot of substance, but does that well, especially due to its amazing art. 

The story and characters in this manga were pretty straight forward. It’s a romance with characters separated by an age gap that slowly grow closer while also dealing with pursuing their own dreams. Each provides the other with emotional support in pursuing their dreams, which contributes to relationship development. And eventually things reach the standard time skip happy ending such stories have. The story is pretty standard, and though it does have its moments, overall it's not particularly deep. It focuses much more on really small chapters focused around comedy than any major events or arcs. Still, it’s written pretty well within those constraints, feeling well paced despite not much happening most of the time, and hence overall ultimately is quite amusing. The art is absolutely gorgeous and furthermore completely in color, which is pretty rare for manga, and used really well here.