Jan 13, 2020
LightScaryRobo (All reviews)

I don't really know what to say about the story... is there one? Kind of? There are at some parts and in some chapters, but most is just going about, well, the daily lives of highschool boys. There really isn't that much to say about it otherwise. A chapter follows a plot and it follows through nicely, but when these span over several chapters, they are a lot more amusing and engaging.


Yasunobu Yamauchi is an amazing mangaka, and he actually dulled down with this series, on purpose mind you. He liked the idea of making a simpler design that would better represent and display the simple lives of the average teenager in high school.


Hidenori Tabata - Hidenori is the main person in the manga to end up in crazy/unusual situations that usually end up being the best chapters as a whole.
Tadakuni - It is usually his house where the main trio like to hang out, much to his bemusement. He has a part-time job at a pizza restaurant and has a younger sister who is quick to violence against anyone who crosses her badly in any way whatsoever.
Yoshitake Tanaka - Yoshitake is kind of a middle man to form the group together better. He is a good friend and is outgoing, usually the goofball of the trio and goes with all of Hidenori's antics.