Jan 13, 2020
ramenpucci (All reviews)
What plot? This is a slice-of-life romance.

I really enjoyed season 1. What I liked about season 1 was its balance of slice of life and friendship along with the glacial pacing of Kazehaya and Sawako. There was a lot of character development with Sawako coming out of her shell and her opening up to others. Chizu and Ayane took the forefront. The comedy was balanced. I swear by season 1 I wish Sawako got that he tried asking her out. He did midway in episode 1. I wish he had just confessed at the end. It would have been better pacing wise.

Best way to put it, they took the good elements of the story and dragged it out for far too long. Why the hell would the two be having a fight/disagreement over when he'd kiss her?

Season 2 and onward, the story becomes your generic shoujo romance. Stupid misunderstandings are dragged out, and now it's whether Shouta will kiss Sawako or not. Romance takes the forefront over friendship, except the romance is honestly bland and boring. Sawako and Shouta are boring together... They're no Inuyasha and Kagome. They are so saccharine and sweet like watching puppy videos.

Everyone has to be constantly paired up. Chizu and Ryo seems more stereotypical. I grew up with my younger brother, who is my best friend's real younger brother, and never would I see him in that light. They seemed forced. I can't imagine Ryo being so forthright on his kisses. Seems out of character. Like Chizu has liked Ryo's brother the longest time. Why would she just go on to suddenly liking Ryo?

Chizu, how the hell would her parents agree to her not going to college?

I guess I didn't care really what they were going to do after high school. Sawako is constantly crying.

Ayane is constantly paired up. What with that forgettable blond dude - Kent and then Pin!?! I never saw that potential. Pin and Kurumi I saw way more possibility.

Kurumi is still annoying. She's only less annoying. I swear she was brought back because she was a popular character. Only in a manga would she be asking for forgiveness for what she did. I wish that wasn't the case. She lost that edge to her.

Everyone has to become likable all the time. At least they finally dropped the drama surrounding Kazehaya's popularity. It felt like I was reading a canon fan fiction in which all the slice of life elements were dropped and it became a dull romance manga. Look I like Kazehaya and Sawako together. They are sweet, but really dull.